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Service is available on request 7/7for programmed preventive maintenance or emergency assistance.

After Sales Service is essential to our customers’ satisfaction. Our Customer Service is organized by Stéphane Dubois, whose solid experience with the CUIR machines as a former millwright allows him to quickly understand and analyse our customers’ requests.

Stéphane will quote maintenance operations and replacement parts, and schedule on-site interventions.

A team of purchasers, storekeeper, maintenance technicians, shipping assistant, assist him in meeting our customer’s requests.

We can serve you is English, German, Spanish and French.


CUIR machine have a very long life span and may even change ownership.

Maintenance is key to the machine durability and sustained quality.

We offer maintenance contracts including check-up/troubleshooting visits on a periodic basis.

These interventions are an opportunity to check the key elements of our machines, which are often subject to very high throughput rates, while training the customer’s maintenance team.

They are performed by experts with many years of experience on all our machines. We usually pair up junior with senior customer service employees, so that they may gain competence on all machines, ensuring ongoing service for tomorrow and 20 years from now.

The packing industry cannot wait.

We understand our customer’s constraints.


That’s the reason we own a stock of spare parts valued over 1 million euros.

We work daily with courier and express delivery service companies worldwide.

Because our machines are often critical in the production system of our customers, we know it is important for us to provide them with human resources and spare parts as quickly as possible.

For this reason, our team members are equipped with the latest communication tools and may remotely access most machines for troubleshooting and recovery.

We are available 7/7 from our facilities in France.
We monitor mechanical and electrical obsolescence in order to provide our customers with replacement motors, variators or bearings, even years after they’ve been discontinued, making sure our customer are not left unattended.