Logo Cuir - Concepteur de machines d’impression et de découpe sur carton ondulé destinées aux professionnels.


CUIR is founded by Marcel Cuir, a graduate from the higher education institute for industrial art and design.
The company is noticed for the cleverness of the design of its corrugated board converting machines…


In the seventies, thanks to the success of the MIEHLE, Cuir machines are exported everywhere around the world.


New machines are developed during the eighties: die-cutters and flexo printing lines. The Mark I is launched. The Mark II will be presented in 1994.


Marc Sabbagh takes over the company.
Two new machines are launched: the MR and the Mark Line. With a catalogue of more than 30 000 references, Cuir serves customers all over the world.


Fabien Val-Duprez, the great-son of a carboard manufacturer, takes over the company with his historic partner Stéphane Heyndrickx.


The delivery of a Mark III to an English customer revives the production of machines.


2018 sees the launch of a new machine, the MiniCuir. In line with the market requirements, this machine is easy to use, low maintenance and of simple design, yet meeting the current safety standards.


2021 marks an important change for CUIR, as we move to Libercourt. Recent premises, ideally located and close to the A1 motorway.